Exam Prep Questions

Question 1 When choosing a MAN service, which of the following is something you typically don't consider?
  • A. Level of service

  • B. Scalability

  • C. Connection type

  • D. Hardware

A1: Answer D is correct. Hardware is typically not a main consideration when choosing a MAN service. When choosing a MAN service, you normally consider cost, scalability, transparency, level of service, and the type of connection needed, which makes answers A, B, and C incorrect.
Question 2 Which type of MAN service uses access link connections?
  • A. Directed VLAN service

  • B. Directed LAN service

  • C. Transparent LAN service

  • D. Transparent VLAN service

A2: Answer C is correct. Transparent LAN services use access link connections. Directed VLAN services use trunk connections, ...

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