Be Different!

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The fundamental goal of any business is to be different—to be better than those with whom it is competing. Every company should be on a journey to be the preferred provider of products or services to its markets by offering a great customer/client experience. A preferred provider is the company that customers and clients preferentially want to do business with, and often can charge a premium for what they provide.

The fundamental goal of any individual is to be different—to be better than those with whom they are competing for that next job, whether internally or externally at a new company. Their goal is to demonstrate to the hiring manager that they are the best choice for that position.

This book teaches how to be different.

It is based on personal experience serving in the trenches as a CEO as well as a director on public, private and nonprofit boards.

Table of contents

  1. Acknowledgments
  2. My Journey
  3. Introduction
  4. Part 1 The Importance of Leadership to Building a Thriving Business
  5. Chapter 1-1 What Makes an Effective Leader?
  6. Chapter 1-2 Emotional Intelligence is a Key Leadership Trait
  7. Chapter 1-3 Set the Right Tone at the Top and Nurture the Right Organizational Culture
  8. Chapter 1-4 Always Lead Your Organization with the Highest Level of Ethics and Integrity
  9. Chapter 1-5 Lessons Taught by the Challenger Space Shuttle Disaster
  10. Chapter 1-6 How to Earn Employees’ Trust and Build a High-Performance Team
  11. Chapter 1-7 To Improve Your Effectiveness, Relate to Your Employees
  12. Chapter 1-8 The ABCs of Decision Making
  13. Chapter 1-9 Don’t Micromanage Employees. Empower and Hold Them Accountable for Results
  14. Chapter 1-10 To Give Employees the Best Chance to Grow, Push Them Outside of Their Comfort Zone
  15. Chapter 1-11 Traits to Look for When Hiring People
  16. Chapter 1-12 Hire Employees with Common Sense and Good Critical Judgment
  17. Chapter 1-13 Whistleblower Hotlines: A Valuable Resource for Employees, CEOs, and Boards
  18. Chapter 1-14 Assessing Employee Performance and Sharing Feedback
  19. Chapter 1-15 Do You Have a Tyrant Reporting to You?
  20. Chapter 1-16 Staff Unit Leaders: Don’t Adopt Policies That Micromanage Line Operating or Other Staff Units
  21. Chapter 1-17 When Asked About Changing a Policy That Doesn’t Make Sense, Don’t Respond “Well, That’s Just the Way It Is”
  22. Chapter 1-18 Not Getting What You Need from a Corporate Staff Unit?
  23. Chapter 1-19 Set Realistic Goals to Drive Earnings Growth
  24. Chapter 1-20 Sometimes, Bad Things Happen, Regardless of Your Tone at the Top
  25. Chapter 1-21 Do Your Employees See Your HR Department as a Friend or Foe?
  26. Part 2 Building Competitive Advantage
  27. Chapter 2-1 Understand Your Competitive Position
  28. Chapter 2-2 Become the Preferred Provider to Your Markets—The Holy Grail of Any Business
  29. Chapter 2-3 Provide a Great Customer Experience
  30. Chapter 2-4 Treat Customers Like You Would Like To Be Treated
  31. Chapter 2-5 In Business, Good Is the Enemy of Great
  32. Chapter 2-6 Andy Grove Was Right. Only the Paranoid Survive
  33. Chapter 2-7 Continuous Improvement Is a Timeless Philosophy
  34. Chapter 2-8 Don’t Tell Me It Can’t Be Done!
  35. Chapter 2-9 Break Paradigms to Build Competitive Advantage
  36. Chapter 2-10 Winning in a Competitive Marketplace
  37. Chapter 2-11 When Making Decisions, “Avoid Going to Abilene”
  38. Chapter 2-12 To Improve Results, Benchmark Sister Operations
  39. Part 3 Advancing Your Career: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone. You Never Know Where the Future Will Take You
  40. Chapter 3-1 Be Different Than Your Peers
  41. Chapter 3-2 How to Build Your Personal Brand
  42. Chapter 3-3 Selling Your Ideas Is the Key to Professional Advancement
  43. Chapter 3-4 Successfully Navigate Office Politics
  44. Chapter 3-5 Never Violate the Trust That Others Have in You
  45. Chapter 3-6 Dealing with Toxic People in the Workplace
  46. Chapter 3-7 Want to Learn CEO Skills? Become an Entrepreneur
  47. Chapter 3-8 Be Aware of the Unintended Consequences of Your Decisions
  48. Chapter 3-9 Push Through Your Self-Perceived Limitations
  49. Chapter 3-10 A Lesson in the Power of Networking
  50. Chapter 3-11 Learn How to Mitigate Risks and Deal with Failure
  51. Chapter 3-12 Be an Effective Negotiator
  52. Chapter 3-13 You Are Now Unemployed. What Should You Do?
  53. Chapter 3-14 Interviewing for a CEO Position? Be Prepared to Respond to These Five Questions
  54. Chapter 3-15 Your First 100 Days as the New CEO
  55. Chapter 3-16 Get Out of Your Comfort Zone, Take Risks, Fly High, and Never Compromise Your Ethics or Integrity
  56. Part 4 We Can Learn from Leaders Who Are Excellent Role Models, and from Those Who Are Not
  57. Chapter 4-1 Leadership, Teamwork, and Athletics
  58. Chapter 4-2 Lessons from a Record-Setting NCAA Basketball Game
  59. Chapter 4-3 We Should All Possess the Leadership Traits of Colonel Joshua Chamberlain
  60. Chapter 4-4 Amtrak’s Joe Boardman—Out in Front When Tragedy Hits
  61. Chapter 4-5 Saxbys: Servant Leadership Pays Dividends
  62. Chapter 4-6 Leadership Lessons from The Imitation Game
  63. Chapter 4-7 Turing Pharmaceuticals: Avoid Behavior That Will Come Back to Haunt You
  64. Chapter 4-8 Mylan N.V. There Are Consequences to Acting Like a Monopolist
  65. Chapter 4-9 Flint Michigan Water Crisis: A Failure in Leadership
  66. Chapter 4-10 Wells Fargo Scandal: Failures in Leadership, Management, and Corporate Governance
  67. Chapter 4-11 Volkswagen Employees Responsible for “Dieselgate.” Where Was Your Legal, Ethical, and Moral Compass?
  68. Chapter 4-12 Lessons from the Theranos Debacle
  69. Chapter 4-13 Massey Energy Mine Disaster: Leaders Have a Responsibility to Keep Their Employees Safe
  70. Chapter 4-14 To Maximize Shareholder Return, Treat Stakeholders the Right Way
  71. Chapter 4-15 Learn How To Be an Inspiring Leader
  72. In Closing
  73. About the Author

Product information

  • Title: Be Different!
  • Author(s): Stan Silverman
  • Release date: November 2019
  • Publisher(s): Business Expert Press
  • ISBN: 9781949991758