Clarity, Process, and Profit

Bytes of Knowledge

How They Did It

“Joe, give me a very specific, real-world example of a company that has used the idea of being the best at what matters most to improve its business and increase profit. Tell me how it did it.”

Okay. Here you go.

In 2005, in my book Indispensable: How to Become the Company Your Customers Can't Live Without, here's what I wrote about a company called bytes of knowledge:

My computers go down or develop a mystery malfunction and I go into default mode. I call bytes of knowledge, someone comes over and fixes the problem, then they send me a bill and I pay it. I know for a fact that others charge less. This is irrelevant to me. I am typical of today's customer who places a high value on dependability and consistency of performance. I'm looking for the sure thing. I don't have the time, patience, or money to waste on any company that can't get it right the first time

Things have changed pretty dramatically for bytes of knowledge since 2005. The company has grown into a full-service provider of technology solutions for small to mid-size businesses, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and corporate, nonprofit, and government clients. Its areas of expertise include the design and development of software products, mobile apps, websites, interactive training, strategic consulting, network infrastructure, and much more. The company has 21 employees and revenue approaching $3 million.

The First Order of Business

Julie and Charles May ...

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