WebLogic Server EJB to JSP Integration Tool

The WebLogic Server EJB to JSP integration tool enables you to execute EJB method calls without implementing an EJB client code within your JSP page. The integration tool generates a JSP tag library associated with each individual EJB. To invoke EJB methods within your JSP page, you need only declare the tag library and implement the applicable JSP tag. For example, you would use our Global Auctions ItemEJB like so:

<% taglib uri="itemEJB.tld" prefix="itemEJB" %> (assumes uri registered in web.xml)
 //Invoking EJB Create
<itemEJB:home-create itemvalue="<%= iv %>" /> (assumes itemValue object--iv created and 

Compare that to the EJB client implementation shown here:

 ... ItemHome home; Hashtable ...

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