Beautiful LEGO

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"Far from child's play. An astonishing collection." —Publishers Weekly

Mix hundreds of thousands of LEGO bricks with dozens of artists, and what do you get? Beautiful LEGO, a compendium of LEGO artwork that showcases a stunning array of pieces ranging from incredibly lifelike replicas of everyday objects and famous monuments to imaginative renderings of spaceships, mansions, and mythical creatures.

You'll also meet the minds behind the art. Interviews with the artists take you inside the creative process that turns simple, plastic bricks into remarkable LEGO masterpieces.

As seen in The Wall Street Journal, Reader's Digest, The Los Angeles Times, Slate,, Wallpaper, USA Today, MAKE, and more!

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Product information

  • Title: Beautiful LEGO
  • Author(s): Mike Doyle
  • Release date: September 2013
  • Publisher(s): No Starch Press
  • ISBN: 9781593275082