Iain Heath
“Fried Chicken!” 2011
I’ve enjoyed noodling with LEGO bricks since I
was a kid. But it was only when I introduced LEGO
to my own children that I realized the e xtent to
which “mini-figs” diminish the creative building
As a response to this, I started creating “brick
built” characters. And in doing so, I discovered
it was also a great way to generate public inter-
est in the LEGO fan movement. People seem to
really get a kick out of seeing their most beloved
(or reviled) characters from fact and fiction re-
created as LEGO models!
Over the years that “mission” has evolved into
an obsession with sculpting the most lifelike,
organic, and accurate models possible. The sub-
jects I choose are characters that either per-
sonally inspire me or are just very popular at
that moment. Getting a big public response to
one of my models is certainly rewarding, but its
the crea tive process itself—figuring out how to
create something from nothing—that I find most
(opposite top) Tastes Like Zebra 2010
(opposite bottom) Stephen Hawking 2007
(above) Arietty the Borrower 2012

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