What Satisfies?

Each stakeholder has a set of objectives and expectations related to testing. They want these carried out effectively, efficiently, and elegantly. What does that mean?

Effectiveness means satisfying these objectives and expectations. Unfortunately, the objectives and expectations are not always clearly defined or articulated. So, to achieve effectiveness, testers must work with the stakeholder groups to determine their objectives and expectations. We often see a wide range of objectives and expectations held by stakeholders for testers. Sometimes stakeholders have unrealistic objectives and expectations. You must know what people expect from you, and resolve any unrealistic expectations, to achieve beautiful testing.

Efficiency means satisfying objectives and expectations in a way that maximizes the value received for the resources invested. Different stakeholders have different views on invested resources, which might not include money. For example, a business executive will often consider a corporate jet an efficient way to travel because it maximizes her productive time and convenience. A vacationing family will often choose out-of-the-way airports and circuitous routings because it maximizes the money available to spend on the vacation itself. You must find a way to maximize value—as defined by your stakeholders—within your resource constraints to achieve beautiful testing.

Elegance means achieving effectiveness and efficiency in a graceful, well-executed fashion. ...

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