Simulating Real Use

A test execution plan was laid out for the testing days at the science lab. The core of the plan simulated multiple full days of real-as-possible use of not just the software, but also the software that worked with the devices and the devices that generated the solutions. We wanted to test what might be thought of as “end to end” testing, at least as far as we could take the simulation. After all, we didn’t have patients. But we wanted the testing to be comprehensive and holistic. We also had an underlying desire to see the software and the devices working in harmony for multiple hours and days in a row. And although we weren’t trying to stress-test either the software or the devices (this had been done previously), we did want testing to span full and hearty days of work.

Unlike many days on the project when people would work alone, the testing days at the science lab were very much a team exercise. Everyone had a role, and each person knew what work she needed to execute. Prior to the days in the lab, we’d mapped out a plan. We briefed everyone on the team and discussed the plan multiple times in advance, to both smooth out the plan and to incorporate ideas and feedback from the team. We wanted to be ready to rock and roll when we hit the lab.

Two teams were planned. Each team represented a technical configuration that would be used in production, the theory being that each team would mimic a medical lab with a specific computer, software, and medical device ...

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