Become the Real Deal: The Proven Path to Influence and Executive Presence

Book description

Become the real deal and you'll become the leader you're meant to be.

If you want to make change in your organization and in your world, and advance your own career, you need to become a person who can effectively influence others to take action. When looking to bring about organizational change of any kind, the main skill required is influence. Nothing will help your cause more than being able to effectively influence others to take action. Become the Real Deal presents a modern and practical approach to leadership that yields unlimited dividends for leaders at all levels. Author Connie Dieken calls these dividends your Return on Influence (ROI).

You'll discover your own Centers of Influence through a series of visual dashboards and learn how to capitalize on these Centers of Influence to become the powerful, purposeful authority you're meant to be.

  • Readers will learn how to override personal influence-killing tendencies, such as narcissism, anxiety, long-windedness, silence, social façades, and invisibility.

  • Connie Diekenis the country's foremost Fortune 500 communication coachan executive coach to the world's top brands, an Emmy award winning former TV news anchor, reporter, and inductee of the Radio/Television Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

  • For anyone seeking to be the "real deal," this book uncovers the strengths and skills you need to gain influence and lead your organization to success.

    Table of contents

    1. Cover Page
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright
    4. Dedication
    5. Contents
    6. Foreword
    7. Introduction
      1. Just be yourself is incomplete advice
      2. The missing chunk is how you get there
      3. No one can be perfect and authentic
      4. Real versus Fake
      5. What's real and what's not?
      6. Tidy narratives trash the truth
      7. We willingly follow the real deal
      8. Being is more challenging than doing
      9. The Presence Project
      10. The 3 Layers of Presence
      11. Layer 1: Inner Presence
      12. Layer 2: Verbal Presence
      13. Layer 3: Outer Presence
      14. Life has a way of knocking you off-center
      15. Are you good enough?
      16. Jim's leap to become number one
      17. What makes you the real deal?
      18. Being real makes you worth following
      1. 1: What Is Inner Presence?
        1. How you experience yourself
        2. Your inner presence is a moving target.
        3. Freer. Happier. More powerful.
        4. Steady or warped?
      2. 2: Centered Inner Presence
        1. Transforming on purpose
        2. Do you live your values?
        3. What Centered Presence Looks Like
        4. Are you invested in your values?
        5. What Do You Value?
        6. Where do you spend your time, effort, and money?
        7. Your Purpose Is Your Power
        8. Traits of Centered Inner Presence
        9. Merge Confidence and Self-Esteem
        10. Battle Selfishness
        11. Measure Reasonably
        12. Balance Confidence and Humility
        13. A Centered Presence in Action
        14. Your journey begins with you
      3. 3: Too Little
        1. Whip-smart but anxious
        2. Do you feel scrutinized?
        3. What Too Little Looks Like
        4. Ruled by a negative inner voice
        5. They're Often Perfectionists
        6. They're Consumed by Criticism
        7. They Struggle with Anxiety
        8. Are you a “Productive Procrastinator”?
        9. Their Bodies Overrespond to Stress
        10. Pat loses it
        11. We're all damaged souls
        12. Tips to Increase Inner Presence
        13. How to Manage The Worrier
        14. Operation Slow Down, Sharon
      4. 4: Too Much
        1. They couldn't stand each other
        2. Colleagues saw him as a bully
        3. What Too Much Looks Like
        4. “I thought only about myself”
        5. Identifying an Egotist
        6. They Feed their Ego
        7. They're Addicted to admiration
        8. They Demand Praise
        9. They Hide a Dark Side
        10. Toxic enough to get the “heave-ho”
        11. They Ignore People
        12. Addicted to Social Media Followers
        13. How to Dial Back Too Much Inner Presence
        14. Help others trust you
        15. How to Manage an Egotist
        16. The Egotist needs to focus on others
        17. Inner Presence Review
        18. Inner Presence Action Plan
      1. 5: What Is Verbal Presence?
        1. How you reveal your messages
        2. Aim for a high signal-to-noise ratio
        3. Developing Verbal Presence
        4. Not less filling , less filler
      2. 6: Centered Verbal Presence
        1. Turning rhetoric into results
        2. Be passionately curious
        3. What Centered Looks Like
        4. Polished, but not slick
        5. Are You Centered?
        6. Start with your ideal outcome
        7. Communicate to add value
        8. Traits of Centered Presence
        9. How to Stay Centered
        10. Know the role you need to play
      3. 7: Too Little
        1. Tongue-tied with the boss
        2. What Too Little Looks Like
        3. Don't allow others to define you
        4. What does your audience need to hear?
        5. Traits of the Mouse
        6. How to Increase Low Verbal Presence
        7. Think conversation, not presentation
        8. How to Manage a Mouse
        9. Top Ten Crutch Words
        10. Awareness is key
      4. 8: Too Much
        1. Boring others to tears
        2. What Too Much Looks Like
        3. Are you trying to prove your worth?
        4. Traits of a Motor Mouth
        5. How to Dial Back Too Much Verbal Presence
        6. Start with the big picture
        7. How to Manage a Motor Mouth
        8. Simplify to amplify
        9. Are you guilty?
        10. Verbal Presence Review
        11. Verbal Presence Action Plan
      1. 9: What Is Outer Presence?
        1. How you make people feel
        2. The courage to show up as yourself
        3. Most people think they're faking it
        4. We're all broadcasters now
        5. How do others describe you?
      2. 10: Centered Outer Presence
        1. Transforming how others respond
        2. How do you make people feel ?
        3. What Centered Looks Like
        4. A centered leader respects others
        5. Three Degrees of Personal Warmth
        6. What does your face reveal?
        7. What voice do others hear?
        8. Does it reinforce or reveal?
        9. Traits of Centered Outer Presence
        10. Appearance does matter
        11. Own Your Space
        12. Look the part
        13. Use attire to send a message
        14. Focus where your audience focuses
        15. Ambiguous. Enigmatic. Difficult to read.
      3. 11: Too Little
        1. Invisible at the wrong time
        2. What Too Little Looks Like
        3. Use “planned spontaneity”
        4. What knocks you off-center?
        5. Are You Consistent?
        6. Are your words and actions congruent?
        7. Traits of the Ghost
        8. How to Increase Low Outer Presence
        9. How to Manage a Ghost
        10. Works Like a Charm
        11. Your presence shapes their behavior
      4. 12: Too Much
        1. His aura bowled people over
        2. What Too Much Looks Like
        3. Traits of the Pretender
        4. Leaders must be aware of their presence
        5. How to Dial Back Too Much Outer Presence
        6. Overpreparation can play havoc
        7. How to Manage a Pretender
        8. From Star to Sherpa
        9. Outer Presence Review
        10. Outer Presence Action Plan
    11. Bringing It All Together
      1. Integerate all three layers
      2. Layer One: Inner Presence
      3. Layer Two: Verbal Presence
      4. Layer Three: Outer Presence
    12. Acknowledgments
    13. About the Author
    14. Index

    Product information

    • Title: Become the Real Deal: The Proven Path to Influence and Executive Presence
    • Author(s): Connie Dieken
    • Release date: July 2013
    • Publisher(s): Wiley
    • ISBN: 9781118633786