Chapter 8Resources and Concerns

The story you tell others is what you quickly become.


In this chapter, some of the common concerns about the role and responsibilities of the contract Controller will be addressed. Since there is no singular resource about this unique role regarding what to do and what to avoid, I researched and interviewed other contract Controllers. Much of this information in this chapter is the author’s opinion backed by the experiences of those who also serve as Hired Guns.

Not every situation or issue that you face is covered in this book. The purpose of this chapter is to give you sufficient information so that you are both successful and able to share your wisdom with those who follow you. Much of this chapter will be in the form of questions.

The final proof if you are doing things right as the contract financial professional will be

  1. You can sleep well at night without worrying about something you said or did.

  2. You get referrals and repeat business.

After completing this chapter you should be able to

  • Obtain answers to your concerns about the contract Controller role.

  • Determine if you have issues about independence that need to be addressed.

  • Help the employees you supervise become more productive and effective.

  • Develop a model for setting your fees.

  • Face up to the issue of ethics as a Hired Gun.

  • Know where to turn if you have questions or concerns.

What Other Things Do I Need to Know?

Do I Have Independence Issues to be Concerned About?

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