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Manisha BiswasBeginning AI Bot Frameworkshttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-3754-0_5

5. Chatbot with TensorFlow

Manisha Biswas1 
Kolkota, West Bengal, India

In this chapter, you will create chatbots by using TensorFlow. You’ll start by learning some TensorFlow basics.

You’ll work on open source models. Then you’ll then move on to different approaches for creating the chatbots. You’ll set up a TensorFlow GPU with access to NVDIA CUDA. You’ll closely examine CUDA and then create the chatbots.

TensorFlow Basics

TensorFlow is a data science framework primarily meant for dataflow-based work. It uses Tensors and their approach to nodes in an effective way so that we can easily implement it in machine learning as well as deep learning, ...

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