Chapter     4

3D Graphics Using OpenGL ES 2.0

In this chapter, we will take a look at 3D graphics for OpenGL ES 2.0 for Android. I first give you a general overview of how OpenGL renders 3D objects. Next, I go into more detail on how this is done, using matrix math, matrix transformations, and vertex and fragment shaders. I then offer a look at the shader language used for the vertex and fragment shaders and give you a quick review of the language and some examples.

Next, I cover the custom classes that demonstrate OpenGL ES 2.0 concepts that are essential to rendering 3D graphics, which are the

  • Shader class
  • Camera class
  • MeshEx class
  • PointLight class
  • Materials class
  • Texture class

Overview of OpenGL ES 2.0 on Android

In this section, I first ...

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