Chapter 2. Building an ASP.NET Web Site


  • The different project types you can choose from as a starting point for your ASP.NET web sites

  • The different project templates that are available to jumpstart your site development

  • The numerous file types available in ASP.NET and what they are used for

  • Ways to create structured web sites that are easy to manage, now and in the future

  • How to use the designer tools to create formatted web pages

To create good-looking, functional, and successful web sites, you have to understand a number of important technologies and languages, including (X)HTML, ASP.NET, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), a server-side programming language such as C# or VB, and a client-side language such as JavaScript. This and upcoming chapters provide a solid foundation in these technologies, so you should be comfortable with the most important concepts once you've finished this book.

Besides these technologies, you also have to understand the Visual Web Developer IDE that was introduced in the previous chapter. You need to know how to create sites, add pages, and manage all the toolbars and windows that Visual Web Developer (VWD) offers you. In addition, you need to know how to build and design web pages in VWD with HTML and Server Controls.

This chapter shows you, in detail, how to create and manage your web sites. It also shows you how to create your ASP.NET web pages and add markup to them, enabling you to create useful web pages that can present ...

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