15Example Overview

Up until now, the chapters have dealt with databases in general. The chapters in this part of the book describe example programs that show how to connect to various types of databases and use them in very simple ways.


There are hundreds of database engines floating around the Internet that you can use to power your programs. Multiply those by the many hundreds of programming languages and the handful of possible operating systems that you can use, and the total number of combinations is enormous. To keep things manageable, I chose a few example databases, two programming languages (Python and C#), and one operating system (Windows 11).

I selected these databases and programming languages partly because they let you get started for free. They don't require you to provide a credit card and they don't expire. Instead, they restrict the size or structure of the databases that you can build.

I chose Windows 11 because that's what I'm using.

It is likely ...

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