Beginning DevOps on AWS for iOS Development: Xcode, Jenkins, and Fastlane Integration on the Cloud

Book description

Apply the principles of DevOps in software development—automated builds, automated tests, and continuous deployment and delivery—to iOS application development on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. This book provides detailed walkthroughs and example source code is provided for the concepts discussed so you can put theory into practical application.

You'll start by building a basic iOS application and then dive deep into key AWS Developer tools and services to see how they can be used in iOS application development. Then review the details of the integration of these fully managed AWS services with open-source tools such as Jenkins and Fastlane that allow developers to get the best of both worlds and further help to enhance and increase agility in the development lifecycle of iOS apps.    

You'll also investigate the Amazon EC2 Mac instance, which allows you to run XCode in a cloud environment for the first time to leverage the flexibility,elasticity, and scale of AWS. It also allows for seamless integration of XCode with fully managed AWS Services from source code control to application deployment. Finally, the book covers how a fully managed Continuous Integration Continuous Deployment (CICD) pipeline can be used to orchestrate all the different components of iOS application development to achieve a fully automated development lifecycle. 

Get started building your iOS applications using a fully automated process on the AWS Cloud today!

What You'll Learn
  • Build an iOS application using AWS DevOps tools  
  • Incorporate continuous deployment in your iOS application development  
  • Integrate AWS tooling with Xcode and open source tools such as Jenkins and Fastlane
Who This Book Is For

​iOS application developers wanting to incorporate DevOps andCloud Architecture into their development process.

Product information

  • Title: Beginning DevOps on AWS for iOS Development: Xcode, Jenkins, and Fastlane Integration on the Cloud
  • Author(s): Abdullahi Olaoye
  • Release date: February 2022
  • Publisher(s): Apress
  • ISBN: 9781484280232