Chapter 14. Contributed Modules


  • Discover your module needs

  • Search for and find contributed modules

  • Evaluate modules for their quality and support

  • Utilize Drupal's issue queue to get support and request changes to the module

One of Drupal's greatest advantages is the large collection of contributed modules freely available on The modules available cover nearly every aspect of Drupal, including modifying comment forms, protecting against spam, and providing newsletter support to building an online store. Generally, the question is not if there is a module that will meet your needs, but rather, how you find the module.

This chapter covers how to find, evaluate, and leverage contributed modules to build your site. The chapter begins with a discussion on how to determine what your needs are and follows through with how to find the module or modules that best meet those needs. You'll explore methods to evaluate modules so that you choose high-quality modules that are well supported. You will also learn how to interact with the module developers by using's issues queue effectively, as well as how to pinpoint the changes you may need to make to a module.


Modules are chunks of PHP code that hook into and expand Drupal's core to provide new functionality, features, actions, blocks, content types, performance enhancement, and much more. There is almost no limit to what a module can provide for your website. ...

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