Chapter 18. Advanced Drupal Installations


  • Using Drush to manage your Drupal site

  • Using CVS or SVN to manage your Drupal installation

  • Installing multiple websites using a single Drupal instance

  • Sharing users between multiple Drupal websites

  • Explore the sites.php file

  • An in-depth look at the settings.php file

With a base understanding of Drupal's installation process you're ready to explore how to get the most of your Drupal installation. You'll start by learning how to use the Drush module to manage you Drupal site. If you're a developer check out the section on using CVS or SVN to manage your Drupal installation, drastically reducing the amount of time you spend upgrading Drupal. These techniques can be used together or separately to assist your development.

One of Drupal's many tricks is the ability to host more than one website using a single code base (i.e., download). To explore this capability you'll create two independent websites on a single Drupal installation, then two websites that share a set of users, creating a single login and profile for multiple websites. The primary advantage of the multiple-website, single-code base configuration is one point of upgrade for multiple websites and an optional ability to share data between the sites.

In the process of learning how to run multiple websites from a single code base, you will also learn the power of the settings.php file. Later in this chapter you'll dissect this file to learn how to fine-tune ...

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