© Jonathan Wetherbee, Massimo Nardone, Chirag Rathod, and Raghu Kodali 2018
Jonathan Wetherbee, Massimo Nardone, Chirag Rathod and Raghu KodaliBeginning EJB in Java EE 8https://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-3573-7_9

9. EJB Performance and Testing

Jonathan Wetherbee1 , Massimo Nardone2, Chirag Rathod3 and Raghu Kodali4
San Mateo, California, USA
Helsinki, Finland
Jayanagar I Blk, India
Cupertino, California, USA

As developers, we are always trying to find the most efficient way to write code that delivers the highest performance. Over the years, we have learned that some of the assumptions we make are not always right and that certain programming models and techniques that we use do not achieve the expected level of performance. The surprise ...

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