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Sanjib SinhaBeginning Ethical Hacking with Kali Linuxhttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-3891-2_13

13. Hashes and Passwords

Sanjib Sinha1 
Howrah, West Bengal, India

As a penetration tester, you will often encounter words like hash, password, and encryption; cracking a hash value is a separate category of ethical hacking, and it belongs to the Password Attacks submenu in the Applications menu of Kali Linux. If you want to dig deep, you can enter the world of cryptography, which I will discuss in the next chapter. There are also many good password-cracking tools available in Kali Linux. You will also learn how to use a few of them.

In this chapter, you will get an overview of what hashes and passwords are and how they are related. ...

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