Defining the Game

If you recall, back in Chapter 4, I discussed the design process. In the Brainstorming section, I laid out a boilerplate for defining the game. For the game we develop in this chapter, here are the objective and rules:

Idea: Alien Turtle Invasion

Objective: Shoot all the turtle invaders before they shoot you.


  • This is a single-player game.
  • The game is played in space.
  • There are 10 enemy ships.
  • There is one spaceship to defend earth.
  • Invaders will move back and forth across the screen.
  • Invaders will fire missiles at a set interval.
  • The spaceship is controlled by the player.
  • The defender can shoot lasers at the turtle invaders.
  • The game is over if the player’s spaceship is hit by a missile.
  • The level is over if all the ...

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