Appendix A. Getting and Installing GIMP

You've decided to learn to edit images with GIMP! But if it's not already on your computer, first you have to install it.

You may have Windows, Linux, a Mac, or another UNIX system such as FreeBSD. All of them can run GIMP, but each has a different installation method. Of course, if you can, you'd certainly prefer to run the most recent 2.4 version. Most computers can, but some OS variants are too old. If that's the case, you may have to run an older version. We'll explain those options in Appendix B. If you wish, you can also build GIMP from source, which is covered in Appendix C.

Here, you'll learn

  • Requirements

  • Where to find GIMP

Then skip to the appropriate section:

  • Installing on Windows

  • Installing on Mac

  • Installing ...

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