Chapter 1. Getting to Know GIMP

Welcome to the GNU Image Manipulation Program—more commonly known as GIMP.

GIMP is the premiere open source image-editing program. It's powerful and fun to use...but it's also easy to get lost in when you're just starting out. This chapter will introduce you to the program, and offer some tips on how to get the most out of GIMP.

You'll become familiar with GIMP's interface—its most important windows, dialogs, and menus, plus some handy tricks and shortcuts. If you've already used GIMP a bit, a lot of the chapter may be review, but you may find some helpful tips you haven't seen before.

Along the way, I'll cover

  • What is GIMP?

  • A tour of important GIMP windows

  • Menu overview

  • Some GIMP settings you can customize (and why you ...

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