Appendix C

CSS Properties

This appendix is a reference to the main CSS properties that you can use to control the appearance of your documents.

The majority of the properties covered here are from CSS2. Because the full universe of CSS3 properties is large and still changing, only the CSS3 properties covered in this book are included here, which can be found in the section “Selected CSS3 Properties.”

For each property covered, you first see a brief description of the property and then an example of its usage. This is followed by a table that shows the possible values the property can take, along with the first versions of Internet Explorer to support these values, whether the property can be inherited, what the default value for the property is, and which elements it applies to.

These tables focus on Internet Explorer support because, with a few rare exceptions, any version of Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Opera that you encounter in the wild can support the full complement of CSS2 properties.

The CSS3 section contains a full set of compatibility tables.

Although browsers may support the inherit value of many properties, if the browser cannot set the property to some other value in the first place (perhaps because that value is not supported), then the inherit value is of little use.

At the end of the appendix are units of measurement.

Font Properties

The font properties enable you to change the appearance of a typeface.


This enables you to set several font properties ...

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