Working with Forms in HTML

In This Chapter

arrow Using forms in your web pages

arrow Creating forms

arrow Working with form data

arrow Designing easy-to-use forms

arrow Making forms easy with a form framework

Most of the HTML you write helps you display content and information for your users. Sometimes, however, you want a web page to gather information from users instead of giving static information to them. HTML form markup elements give you a healthy collection of tags and attributes for creating forms to collect information from visitors to your site.

This chapter covers the many uses for forms. It also shows you how to use form markup tags to solicit information from your users, reviews your options for working with data you receive, and gives you tips on creating easy-to-use forms that help users provide the information you’re looking for.

Exploring Types of Web Forms

The web contains millions of forms, and every form is driven by the same set of markup tags. Web forms can be short or long, simple or ...

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