Using Different Kinds of Style Sheets

In This Chapter

arrow Using inline styles

arrow Styling a page with the <style> element

arrow Using external style sheets

arrow Styling a site with external style sheets

When you finish creating your style rules, you’re ready to connect them to your HTML page by using one of these options:

check.png Insert style information into your document. You can either

• Use the style attribute to add style information directly to a tag.

This is an inline style.

• Use the <style> element to build a style sheet into a web page.

This is an internal style sheet.

check.png Use an external style sheet. You can either

• Use the <link> tag to link your web page to an external style sheet.

• Use the CSS @import statement to import an external style sheet into the web page.

Applying Inline Styles

Each element in an HTML document has a special, optional attribute named style. Web page authors use the ...

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