Appendix B

About the Dummies HTML Website

The Dummies HTML website ( contains every example from this book, as well as blog posts from Ed and Chris, links to great HTML and CSS resources, and the occasional correction to the occasional error that may have slipped through the cracks during our extensive editing and fact-checking process.

The site itself can also serve as an example of good web design and construction practices. In this appendix, we cover some of the thinking, tools, and techniques that went into the building of

About WordPress

As with the previous edition of the Dummies HTML website, we chose to use WordPress as our content management system.

WordPress is free software for creating websites and blogs. WordPress makes it easy for anyone to set up and manage a website that contains all of the features you’d expect a blog to have, including the following:

check.png Unlimited pages and blog posts

check.png Reader comment functionality

check.png A media library for storing your images, videos, and sound files

check.png Customizable menus

WordPress is also highly customizable, ...

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