18.3. Looking at the Boiler Web Service

The Boiler Web service is responsible for handling all transactions between the Access database and the client application, in this case InfoPath. It was created using the XML Web services along with Visual Studio .NET 2003 and C#, as outlined in Chapter 15, "Creating and Working with Web Services."

  • Start by creating a new C# ASP.NET Web service using Visual Studio

  • Name the new Web service BoilerWebService

  • Change the name of Service1.asmx, to DataService.asmx (make sure you open the .cs file and change the name of the class to DataService as well, shown here in Figure 18-3

    Figure 18.3. Figure 18-3

18.3.1. Creating the Data Adapters

The ADO.NET OleDbDataAdapters, OleDbDataConnection, and datasets of the System.Data namespace of the .NET Framework were used to create the middle tier of the solution. These components handle all of the interaction between InfoPath and the Access database created for the solution.

OleDbDataAdapters have been created to query the database for specified information. Three were created to handle the lookup tables we have created in the database: daBoilers, daShifts, and daOperators. Two other data adapters were created for daBoilerLog and daSystemLog. You can see all the data adapters in Figure 18-4, along with a oleDbConnection that was created.

Figure 18.4. Figure 18-4

18.3.2. Creating the Datasets

The next ...

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