Chapter 10

Making Applications Fast and Responsive

In This Chapter

arrow Thinking about your app at multiple levels of design

arrow Applying nonfunctional requirements to iOS apps

arrow Measuring your app’s performance

arrow Constructing your app so it runs as fast as possible

arrow Using threading to make your application responsive

An app that's fully accepted by users must meet two kinds of requirements: functional and nonfunctional. The former describes what the app must do (that is, the functions it must perform); the latter provides guidelines on how the app must work (for example, how fast it should operate, how reliable it must be, and so on).

While functional requirements are about describing the right app, nonfunctional requirements are about how to build the app correctly. In this chapter, I focus on nonfunctional requirements.

After discussing nonfunctional requirements, I talk about how to design software to meet nonfunctional requirements. I describe how app design actually takes place at multiple ...

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