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P. SpäthBeginning Jakarta EEhttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-5079-2_2

2. Getting a Jakarta EE Server to Work

Peter Späth1 
Leipzig, Sachsen, Germany

This chapter is about getting a Glassfish Jakarta EE 8 open source edition server to work. For the operating system, you can choose either Linux or Windows, as I will describe running the server on each of them.

First, we need to have a Java SE8 SDK. Download and install it from Oracle’s home page. Let us abbreviate the installation path as SDK_INST. You can choose any path you like.


Sometimes paths with spaces in them lead to problems. So if you get an error, such as some component XYZ cannot be found, try to move the JDK to a folder with no spaces in the path.

To check whether ...

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