Chapter 10. Implementing Drag-and-Drop

Beginning with this chapter, I shift discussion to the jQuery UI library. The jQuery UI library is a collection of reusable components that let you make user-interface functionality more quickly. The jQuery UI library handles a variety of tasks, like making elements in a document draggable or making a list of items that you can rearrange by drag-and-drop, and many other UI tasks that you learn about in the remaining chapters of this book.

The jQuery UI library is functionality that exists outside jQuery's core framework that you've been using and learning about throughout the preceding chapters of this book. The jQuery UI library is a series of jQuery plugins that each handles these different UI tasks, which in the spirit of jQuery's API, makes certain UI tasks much easier to implement.

You can download jQuery UI library components from The website lets you customize your download based on which UI components you want to use, and it offers this customization so that you can add the least amount of JavaScript possible, which, in turn, reduces overhead like file size and bandwidth. The source code download for this book available free from includes the entire jQuery UI package, which comprises all jQuery UI library plugins. For testing and learning purposes, this is fine; however, if you want to use UI library components in a real, production website, you should customize your jQuery UI library download ...

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