Appendix A. Exercise Solutions

Exercise 1 Solution

The highest level in the content hierarchy is a section. The next highest level is a category.

Exercise 2 Solution

Modules are extensions that perform simple, specific tasks that cannot be handled efficiently by a component. Module positions are locations in a template where modules are loaded.

Exercise 3 Solution

The four applications that come with Joomla! are the site application, the administrator application, the Joomla! installer, and the XML-RPC application.

Exercise 4 Solution

The benefit of having a table prefix is that you can have multiple installations of Joomla! on the same database without resulting in data interference.

Exercise 5 Solution

An Item ID is automatically assigned to a menu item when it is created.

Exercise 1

Three layouts for the core content component are Section Blog, Category Blog, and Article layouts.

Exercise 2

Plugins are necessary for this task because each component's data is structured differently, and therefore they must be searched differently. Building all of the possibilities into one component would be impossible, but making the component extensible with the use of plugins makes it possible to search a virtually unlimited number of components.

Exercise 3

The e-mail cloaking plugin hides e-mail addresses in content items from spammers using JavaScript.

Exercise 4

The JA_Purity template is in the Joomla! distribution as a result of winning a contest.

Exercise 1

The three main sections ...

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