Appendix B. Installing Joomla!

Installing Joomla! is essentially a three-step process: 1) unpack the Joomla! installation package and upload the files to your server; 2) set up your database server, and 3) run the Joomla! installer. You can install Joomla! on any Windows or Linux computer running Apache or Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), PHP, and MySQL. In this appendix, you learn how to install Joomla! locally and how to install it remotely in a shared hosting environment. You also learn how to move an entire Joomla! installation from one server to another without rebuilding your site from scratch.

The first section in this chapter covers the basic requirements of a web server for installing Joomla! and where to find installation packages to set up a local web server on your home or office computer. It then covers installing a web server on your system and installing Joomla! on that web server.

The next section covers what to look for in a web host. It then covers how to install Joomla! on a web server in a shared hosting environment with cPanel.

Finally, this chapter covers the process by which you can copy an entire Joomla! installation from one server to another or from your local system to your remote hosting environment.

Download Joomla! at As of this writing, the latest version is Joomla! 1.5.8, but that is subject to change as regular releases are made by the core team.

Setting Up a Local Web Server on Your Home or Office ...

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