Appendix C. Must-have Extensions

One of Joomla!'s greatest strengths is the abundance of extensions available to help your site perform almost any function you can think of. Need a social network? There's a component (or two or three) for that. Need a blog? It's covered. Need a document management system? No problem. A project management system? You've come to the right place. A photo gallery? Check.

You get the idea. The Joomla! framework is infinitely extensible to do anything you need, and many industrious individuals, groups, and companies have already taken the time to build some excellent extensions that anyone can download and use for free or a small fee. As you have already learned throughout this book, the Joomla! Extensions Directory (JED) is the best place to look when hunting for extensions. It lists thousands of extensions in more than 200 categories. You can find the JED at

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