Chapter 10. Advanced Tips and Tricks

Now that you've built your site and tested and retested it, you're ready to start learning some advanced tips and tricks for customizing your site. Joomla! is a very open platform, meaning you can modify it and extend it far beyond what the core can do on its own. As you get more and more comfortable with the system, you want to poke around a little and try new things. Experimenting with the system like this is a great way to learn the possibilities and limitations of working with Joomla!.

In this chapter, you learn some useful advanced tips and tricks for customizing your site. These tips can help you as you work toward advancing beyond a Joomla! beginner and becoming a Joomla! professional. The purpose of this chapter is not to be an exhaustive list of possibilities. It examines only a handful of things that you can do with your site. The possibilities are virtually limitless with what you can do with Joomla!. The only real limitations are your own skill and creativity. By working through the examples in this chapter, you should start to get an idea of what is possible.

The tips and tricks you learn in this chapter are:

  • Changing the HTML title from the template

  • Advanced module position conditions

  • Building a "split menu" with one menu and the main menu module

  • Organizing content in more levels than just sections and categories

  • Loading different components in different areas of the template

  • Using different WYSIWYG editors for different users

  • Using multiple ...

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