Chapter 1: RDBMS Basics: What Makes Up a SQL Server Database?

An Overview of Database Objects

SQL Server Data Types

SQL Server Identifiers for Objects


Chapter 2: Learning the Tools of the Trade

Getting Help with Books Online

SQL Server Configuration Manager

SQL Server Management Studio

SQL Server Data Tools (formerly BIDS)

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)

Bulk Copy Program (BCP)

SQL Server Profiler




Chapter 3: The Foundation Statements of T-SQL

Getting Started with a Basic SELECT Statement

Adding Data with the INSERT Statement

Changing What You’ve Got with the UPDATE Statement

The DELETE Statement


Chapter 4: Joins

Combining Table Data with JOINs

Selecting Matching Rows with INNER JOIN

Retrieving More Data with OUTER JOIN

Seeing Both Sides with FULL JOINs

Understanding CROSS JOINs

Exploring Alternative Syntax for Joins

Stacking Results with UNION


Chapter 5: Creating and Altering Tables

Object Names in SQL Server

The CREATE Statement

The ALTER Statement

The DROP Statement

Using the GUI Tool


Chapter 6: Keys and Constraints

Types of Constraints

Constraint Naming

Key Constraints

CHECK Constraints

DEFAULT Constraints

Disabling Constraints

Rules and Defaults — Cousins of Constraints

Triggers for Data Integrity

Choosing What to Use


Chapter 7: Adding More to Your Queries

What Is a Subquery?

Building Correlated Subqueries

Derived Tables ...

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