9.2. Creating Users

When you are using an APEX account credentials authentication scheme, you can define users within the APEX environment. For the exercises in this chapter, designed to demonstrate some common security practices, you will have to define four users: an administrator; a manager; a sales rep, who works for the manager; and a standard user.

Try It Out: Creating Users

Defining users is done through an administrative utility in the APEX development environment.

  1. Click on the Utilities tab in the application development environment.

  2. In the Tasks list on the right-hand side of the page, click on the Administration link, which will bring up the page shown in Figure 9-2.

    Figure 9-2. Figure 9-2
  3. Click on the arrow on the right of the Manage Application Express Users icon to show two choices: Users or User Groups.

As you can probably tell by the name, User Groups allows you to combine multiple users into a single entity for easier management of security for large numbers of users. You will not need to use groups for the purposes of this book.

  1. Select the Users and Manage Existing Users menu choices to bring up the page shown in Figure 9-3.

Ah, what a cute little icon! Each of those little weebles represents a user. Right now, all you can see is your user, which is colored red. The colors indicate levels of privilege for the APEX development environment, as you will see in the ...

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