4.3. Navigation

At this point in your exploration of APEX, you have created quite a few individual pages. Some of them work together, such as the reports and their associated editing forms, and all of the applications work in the context of the tabs at the top of the page. But you are ready for a more detailed look at how APEX specifies navigation from one page to another.

As part of this examination, you will come to understand how to change existing navigation, create conditional destinations, and modify the tab structures that control the overall application. You will also learn how to add new regions to a page and create links to other pages.

4.3.1. Understanding Navigation

The application you have created already has navigation capabilities built in. A good starting point to understand APEX application navigation is to examine some of the default navigation in your existing application. How It Works

The easiest way to get an introduction to navigation is to look at a page whose navigation you might want to change.

The candidate for change is the first page you created.

  1. Go to the main development area for your application and double-click on the first page you created for Orders, which should have a page number of 1.

  2. Run the page by clicking Run.

You can see that this report on the ORDERS table is a nice interactive report.

  1. Click Edit for an order to bring up the form associated with this page.

Now you can see that the form called up is not as functional as the master-detail ...

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