Chapter VII.5. The Future of Computer Programming

The computer industry is changing all the time, which means that the programming tools and techniques of today will likely become obsolete by tomorrow. Just trying to keep up with the computer industry is a full-time occupation, and even computer experts can never agree on what the future may bring.

Although it's impossible to predict the future, it is possible to identify trends in the computer industry, and based on these trends, predict what might occur in the future. In the world of computer programming, the most important lesson is to learn the logic of programming without getting bogged down by the specific syntax of any particular programming language. That's because programming languages rise and fall out of favor. If you learn to program in only one particular language, your programming ability will be restricted by the limitations of that particular language.

Programming is nothing more than problem solving, and problem solving is invaluable no matter which programming language, computer, or operating system may be popular at any given time. If you can solve problems, you'll always have a job.

Picking a Programming Language

Computer scientists eternally debate the merits of one programming language over another, but no matter which programming language may be popular today, the real issue boils down to efficiency and complexity.

Throughout history, the most popular language has always been the one that offers the greatest amount ...

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