Chapter 1

Talking to Your Computer

In This Chapter

arrow Talking to your computer

arrow Creating programs to talk to your computer

arrow Understanding what a program does and why you want to create it

arrow Considering why you want to use Python as your programming language

Having a conversation with your computer might sound like the script of a science fiction movie. After all, the members of the Enterprise on Star Trek regularly talked with their computer. In fact, the computer often talked back. However, with the rise of Apple’s Siri ( and other interactive software, perhaps you really don’t find a conversation so unbelievable.

remember.eps Asking the computer for information is one thing, but providing it with instructions is quite another. This chapter considers why you want to instruct your computer about anything and what benefit you gain from it. You also discover the need for a special language when performing this kind of communication and why you want to use Python to accomplish ...

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