Data Propagation

The ProductList component that we defined in the previous section is impractical. Let's take a look at it again:

import React from 'react';import './ProductList.css';class ProductList extends React.Component {  render() {    return <ul>      <li>        <h3>Traditional Merlot</h3>        <p>A bottle of middle weight wine, lower in tannins (smoother),            with a more red-fruited flavor profile.</p>      </li>      <li>        <h3>Classic Chianti</h3>        <p>A medium-bodied wine characterized by a marvelous freshness with            a lingering, fruity finish</p>      </li>      <li>        <h3>Chardonnay</h3>        <p>A dry full-bodied white wine with spicy, bourbon-y notes in an            elegant bottle</p>      </li>      <li>        <h3>Brunello di Montalcino</h3> <p>A bottle of red wine with exceptionally bold fruit flavors, ...

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