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Darrin Perez, Beginning RPG Maker MV, 10.1007/978-1-4842-1967-6_5

5. Your First Dungeon

Darrin Perez

(1)Box 45404, San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico

In the previous chapter, we fleshed out our small game, adding many features to make it feel more like an actual game and less like a disjointed mess. Our player now has an idea of what he or she should be doing. So in this chapter, we will tackle the task of populating the dungeon that we created (or, rather, copy-pasted) in the previous one. That said, before we start on the chapter’s main subject matter, it’s time to take another necessary intermission to explore game design concepts. This time, the topic at hand is skills and differentiation between character classes.

A Basic Discussion ...

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