Beginning SAP Fiori

Book description

Take a deep dive into SAP Fiori and discover Fiori architecture, Fiori landscape installation, Fiori standard applications, Fiori Launchpad configuration, tools for developing Fiori applications and extending standard Fiori applications.

You will learn:

  • Fiori architecture and its applications
  • Setting up a Fiori landscape and Fiori Launchpad
  • Configuring, customizing and enhancing standard Fiori applications
  • Developing Fiori native applications for mobile
  • Internet of Things-based custom Fiori applications with the HANA cloud platform
  • Bince Mathew, a SAP mobility expert working for an MNC in Germany, shows you how SAP Fiori, based on HTML5 technology, addresses the most widely and frequently used SAP transactions like purchase order approvals, sales order creation, information lookup, and self-service tasks. This set of HTML5 apps provides a very simple and accessible experience across desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

    Table of contents

    1. Cover
    2. Title
    3. Copyright
    4. Dedication
    5. Contents at a Glance
    6. Contents
    7. About the Author
    8. About the Technical Reviewer
    9. Acknowledgments
    10. Introduction
    11. Chapter 1: Introduction to SAP Fiori
      1. Why Fiori?
      2. Introduction to the SAP UX Strategy and the SAP Fiori UX
        1. SAP UX Strategy
        2. SAP Fiori UX
      3. SAP Fiori Design Inspiration
      4. Introduction to SAP Fiori
      5. Fiori Applications Overview
        1. Fiori Wave 1
        2. Fiori Wave 2
      6. Fiori Architecture for Transactional Applications
      7. Fiori Architecture for Analytical Applications
      8. Fiori Architecture for Fact Sheet Applications
    12. Chapter 2: Setting Up the Fiori Landscape
      1. Fiori Prerequisites
        1. Prerequisites for the Front-End Server (SAP NetWeaver Gateway)
        2. User Interface Add-on Components
        3. Prerequisites for the Back-End Server for SAP ERP
      2. Initial Configuration
        1. Creating Fiori Users and Assigning Authorizations
        2. Connecting SAP NetWeaver Gateway with the Back-End SAP Suite
      3. Configuring SAP Web Dispatcher
      4. Setting Up the Fiori Launchpad, Fiori Launchpad Designer, and Fiori Admin Page
        1. Activating ICF Nodes
        2. Configuring the Logon Screen for the Fiori Launchpad and Fiori Launchpad Designer (Admin page)
        3. Configuring the Logout Screen
      5. Fiori Application Add-Ons
    13. Chapter 3: Fiori Launchpad and Applications
      1. The Fiori Launchpad and Launchpad Designer
        1. Fiori Launchpad
        2. Fiori Launchpad Designer
      2. Configuring the Fiori Home Page
        1. Creating Groups in Fiori Launchpad Designer
        2. Assigning Groups to End Users
      3. Configuring the Fiori Approval Application Workflow
        1. Configuring Wave 1 Approval Applications
        2. Configuring Wave 2 Approval Apps
        3. Fiori My Inbox
    14. Chapter 4: Customizing and Extending Standard Fiori Applications
      1. Installing Eclipse and UI5 Add-Ons
      2. Downloading the Standard Fiori Application Code
      3. Importing Fiori Standard Application Code into Eclipse
      4. Redefining a Standard OData Service
        1. Fiori Apps Reference Library
      5. Extending the Fiori Standard Application UI in Eclipse
        1. Creating a Fiori Extension Project
        2. Adding Extensions to the Project
      6. Uploading the Extension Project to the Gateway Server
        1. Creating a Custom Tile in the Fiori Launchpad
        2. Assigning Roles to End Users
        3. Adding a Custom Tile to the Home Page
      7. Extending a Fiori Standard Application in Web IDE
        1. Connecting Web IDE to Back-End Systems
        2. Creating a New Extension Project in Web IDE
        3. Adding Extensions to the Project
    15. Chapter 5: Fiori OData Customization and NetWeaver Gateway Overview
      1. OData Overview
      2. OData Development Using NetWeaver Gateway
        1. Custom Table for the OData Service
        2. Creating an OData Service in Gateway
        3. Implementing Business Logic in the OData Service
      3. Activating and Testing an OData Service
        1. Building a UI5 App to Consume the OData Service
        2. Previewing and Testing the UI5 App
      4. Error Log Monitoring and Troubleshooting Techniques
        1. Using REST Clients
    16. Chapter 6: Fiori Custom Application Development and Tools
      1. Eclipse
      2. AppBuilder
      3. Web IDE
      4. Theme Designer
        1. Launching the Theme Designer
        2. Customizing the Home Screen Background Image
        3. Customizing Standard Tiles
        4. Customizing the Login Screen Background Image
      5. Fiori Prototyping Kit and Axure Wireframe Tool
      6. Fiori Application Architecture Overview
        1. Visualizing the App
        2. Designing a Wireframe/Mockup
        3. Building the Final App
      7. Developing a Custom Fiori Application
        1. Creating a New UI5 Project
        2. Adding Views to the App
        3. Creating Custom Controls
        4. Deploying the Custom Application to HANA Cloud
        5. Web IDE Basics
    17. Chapter 7: Introduction to HANA Smart Business and the Internet of Things
      1. Analytical and Fact Sheet Applications Overview
      2. Smart Business Apps Overview
      3. KPI Modeler Overview
      4. Internet of Things
      5. UI5 Apps with SAP HANA and Raspberry Pi
        1. Setting Up the Raspberry Pi
        2. Detecting the Digital Sensor
        3. Connecting Sensors to the Raspberry Pi
        4. Deploying the Java Persistence API in HANA Cloud Platform
        5. Python Scripts for Passing Data from the Raspberry Pi to HANA Cloud
        6. Creating a Fiori Front End for IoT
    18. Chapter 8: Debugging and Troubleshooting Fiori Applications
      1. Supported Web Browsers
      2. Debugging Methods
        1. Debug Mode in UI5 Apps
        2. Logging and Network Tracing
        3. Diagnostics
      3. Simulating Mobile Devices
      4. Troubleshooting Errors in Fiori Apps
      5. Troubleshooting Errors in the Fiori Configuration
    19. Chapter 9: Developing Fiori Applications Using Cordova and Kapsel
      1. Connecting to the SMP Architecture with Fiori
      2. Fiori Client Application for Mobile
      3. Introduction to Cordova and Kapsel
      4. Creating a New Project with Cordova and Kapsel Plugins
      5. Building Fiori Apps Using Cordova
      6. Example App Using the Device’s Camera, GPS, and Google Maps
        1. Accessing the Camera
        2. Accessing the Barcode Scanner
      7. Accessing the GPS and Google Maps
    20. Index

    Product information

    • Title: Beginning SAP Fiori
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: November 2015
    • Publisher(s): Apress
    • ISBN: 9781484213353