A.2. Chapter 2

A.2.1. Exercise 1 Solution

  1. If you wanted to receive an email notification every time a new item is added to a list, how would you do that?

To receive an email notification every time a new item is added to a list, you would create an alert. You create an alert by selecting Alert Me from the list's Action menu.

A.2.2. Exercise 2 Solution

  1. Describe the difference between a lookup column and a choice column.

A choice column features a value list from which you can select that a site manager has manually entered into the column. A lookup column displays a value list based on the contents of an existing column from another list on the site.

A.2.3. Exercise 3 Solution

  1. Describe how you would send a report of information stored in a list to a partner outside your organization that did not have access to your SharePoint list.

You can export SharePoint list views to an Excel spreadsheet from the Actions menu. This means you can take information from the SharePoint site, customize it, and send it to team members or partners that do not have direct access to the SharePoint list.

A.2.4. Exercise 4 Solution

  1. What are the differences between a tasks list and a projects task list?

A projects tasks list is created with a Gantt chart view by default. Also, you can associate a tasks list with a workflow activity template whereas you can't do this with a projects task.

A.2.5. Exercise 5 Solution

  1. True or False. You can allow users to skip specific questions based on their responses ...

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