2.3. Working with Lists

Now that you know the various lists that are available in SharePoint, you need an understanding of how you can interact and work with lists to gain the insight you require from a SharePoint site and the information it contains.

2.3.1. Working with List Content

In the next two examples, you learn how to add content to a list as well as make updates to existing content within a list. Because SharePoint lists are only useful if they contain information, it is very important that you understand how to update them effectively.

In SharePoint, a variety of list templates can store just about any type of information or data. In the following example, you walk through the steps of creating a new list item in an existing tasks list. The same steps apply regardless of the list template you use.

Try It Out: Adding a New Item to a List

Your boss has just informed you that virtually every document that your company created looks completely different, and that they all have inconsistent fonts, images, and nonstandard logos. Because this inconsistency can portray an unprofessional image to some of your customers, he has asked you to create a standard template that acts as the starting point for all corporate documents. Because you want to ensure that this task gets completed on time, you decide to create a new task item on your SharePoint site.

  1. From the main page of your SharePoint team site, click the Tasks link in the Quick Launch navigation bar.

  2. To create a new task ...

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