14.2. Working with the Search Feature

There are multiple ways in which you can interact with and manage searches in SharePoint 2007. The following sections discuss the two most common search interfaces:

  • Basic Search: The most common search query where users type simple keywords and phrases that the search uses to find file content, file names and properties.

  • Advanced Search: A more detailed search that filters based on properties, file types, and languages. It includes options for how the keywords relate to the search query — for example, if it should search in the order a user enters a phrase or if any of the words should appear.

This section discusses both search interfaces and provides some hands-on experience using both.

14.2.1. Using the Basic Search

Every site in SharePoint has a basic search box in the top-right corner, as shown in Figure 14-1, where users can enter terms or words that allow them to find content. SharePoint searches the titles and column data associated with documents as well as the document itself. Depending on your file format, your administrator may need to install an iFilter, which was discussed in the previous section.

Figure 14-1. Figure 14-1

To the left of the search box is a drop-down box where you can define a scope for your search. This box has a default scope list that is site-specific and changes depending on where you search for something. ...

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