13.2. Basic Design

Using SharePoint Designer for editing SharePoint sites allows you to do almost anything. To give you an idea of what you can do, this section describes often requested modifications that are easy to make. Remember to keep SharePoint Designer open while testing these modifications; if anything goes wrong you can use the undo feature in SharePoint Designer and then save the file again.

13.2.1. Adding Text Outside Web Parts

There are a lot of Web Parts for displaying text on a SharePoint site, but sometimes you need to add a text block without relying on a Web Part; for example, you may want to add an instruction at the top of the site where there is no Web Part zone.

Try It Out: Add Text to Any Part of a Site Page

  1. Log on as a user with web design permissions (for example, a site Owner, or the Site Collection Administrator).

  2. Open the site to be modified in SharePoint Designer.

  3. Make sure that SPD is using Design view.

  4. Place the cursor where you want to enter the new text block, for example next to the site description.


    You can create a new table row or column for this text; select a table cell near where you want the text, right-click, and select Insert.

  5. Enter the text.

  6. Press F12 to save and view it (see Figure 13-6). If it does not look good, go back to SharePoint Designer, use the Undo feature under the Edit menu, and save the page again.

    Figure 13-6. Figure 13-6

13.2.2. Add a Background Picture

Since team sites use Master Pages or site themes for controlling ...

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