1.6. Built-In Features of SharePoint

So, what features can you expect in SharePoint 2007? The answer depends on what version you implement: MOSS or WSS. Following is a list of everyday scenarios showing you how SharePoint can make things easier for you and your users. Chapter 10 provides more detailed steps on how to create a SharePoint environment that solves these problems.

1.6.1. Alerts (WSS and MOSS)

One feature that both WSS and MOSS offer is something Microsoft refers to as alerts. An alert is a request you create in SharePoint to be notified by e-mail when SharePoint content changes (for example, when a document is updated, a contact is deleted, or a News item is added). Using alerts, you can be sure to keep yourself updated about changes to information that is important to you! SharePoint will send you an e-mail to notify you what has happened. The following information types are examples of what can be watched by alerts:

  • Complete document libraries, or single documents and files.

  • Complete picture libraries or single pictures.

  • Contact lists or single contacts.

  • Link lists or single links.

  • News lists or single news items.

  • Event lists or single events.

Alerts can watch a lot more places and types of information, as you will see in Chapter 10. This is extremely useful — you will no longer miss any important updates!

1.6.2. RSS (WSS and MOSS)

A new feature in SharePoint 2007 is support for the relatively new Really Simple Syndication technique. Using this feature a user can also ...

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