10.4. Managing Document Workflow

For some types of documents, the author is not allowed to publish the document by herself. If this is the case, you must configure the document library to activate Content Approval. The effect is that every added or modified document is hidden until a user with Manage Lists rights approves it. Even if the author has this right, the document must be approved in a separate step.

Try It Out: Activate Content Approval in a Document Library

  1. Log on as an administrator for the team site where the document library is stored.

  2. Open the document library.

  3. Open the menu Settings Document Library Settings.

  4. Click on Versioning settings

  5. Select Yes for the option Require content approval for submitted items?

  6. Click OK to save and close the page.

  7. Click on the document library name in the breadcrumb trail near the top of the page to open the library.

The approval process is now activated. Log on as a user who is a member of the SharePoint Members group. This group does not have the Approve permission, so every update from these members will need to be approved by a user with this right (for example, the Owners group, and the site administrator).


Note that even if a user with Approve permission adds or modifies a document, it must still be approved. This was not the case in SharePoint 2003.

Try It Out: Test the Content Approval Process

  1. Log on as a member of the SharePoint ...

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