6.1. WSS Sites

The web sites you create with WSS 3.0 are similar to the ones in WSS 2.0, but there are important differences! They now have a lot of new features that only were found in SPS 2003 before. For example, you can do a global search that is security trimmed (users only see objects they are allowed to see), and its content can be filtered using audiences. This means that a user now has a much more consistent experience when moving from a WSS site to a MOSS site because the sites behave in the same way. It is true that MOSS sites have a lot of more advanced features than WSS sites, but the basic features are shared between them both. Following is a list of some of the new features in WSS 3.0 (see Figures 6-1 and 6-2):

  • Breadcrumb trails: You will directly see where in the site hierarchy you are now. You can also click on any of the breadcrumbs to jump back to a previous location (see Figure 6-1).

  • Persistent Quick Launch bar: If you open a list in WSS 3.0, it will still show you the Quick Launch bar. Compare that to WSS 2.0 where the Quick Launch bar was replaced with action links specific to the current list, which made it more cumbersome to quickly open another list or library in that site (see Figure 6-1).

  • Navigation: You can display the subsites under the current site. You can also configure the Quick Launch bar to display a tree view of the site hierarchy that includes all lists and libraries, including any folder, plus all subsites (see Figure 6-1).

  • Recycle Bin: All deleted ...

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