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Beginning SharePoint 2013 Development

Book Description

A complete revision to a popular SharePoint developer's resource

Fully updated for SharePoint 2013, this book is an ideal starting place for SharePoint development. Covering all the major topics that a new developer needs to know in order to get started, this resource contains 100 percent new content and addresses the major overhaul to the SharePoint 2013 platform. The team of authors, led by Microsoft's Steve Fox, presents you with a detailed overview that helps you establish a starting point for development. They then walk you through ways to advance your knowledge so that you leverage the new SharePoint 2013 features to build custom solutions.

  • Addresses developing managed or unmanaged applications

  • Provides an overview of Windows Azure for SharePoint

  • Looks at common developer tasks in SharePoint 2013

  • Gets you started with building, packaging, and deploying SharePoint 2013 applications

  • Highlights essential points of security in SharePoint 2013

  • Touching on everything from developing applications using Office services to development workflow applications, Beginning SharePoint 2013 Development covers everything you need to know to start confidently working with the platform today.

    Table of Contents

    1. Cover
    2. Contents
    3. Part I: Getting Started with Sharepoint 2013
      1. Chapter 1: Introduction to Sharepoint 2013
        1. Getting to Know SharePoint
        2. Addressing the Needs of the Developer
        3. SharePoint 2013: The Platform
        4. SharePoint Central Administration
        5. Summary
        6. Recommended Reading
      2. Chapter 2: Overview of The Sharepoint 2013 App Model
        1. SharePoint 2013 App Model
        2. Moving to the Cloud
        3. Understanding the Three Apps for SharePoint Deployment Models
        4. Summary
        5. Recommended Reading
      3. Chapter 3: Developer Tooling for Sharepoint 2013
        1. SharePoint Development Across Developer Segments
        2. Web-Based Development in SharePoint
        3. Site Settings
        4. Developing SharePoint Applications Using SharePoint Designer
        5. Developing SharePoint Applications Using Napa
        6. Developing SharePoint Applications Using Visual Studio 2012
        7. Other Tools for SharePoint Development
        8. Summary
        9. Recommended Reading
      4. Chapter 4: Understanding Your Development Options
        1. Application and Solution Types
        2. Common Developer Tasks
        3. Summary
        4. Recommended Reading
      5. Chapter 5: Overview of Windows Azure for Sharepoint
        1. Defining the Cloud
        2. Defining Windows Azure
        3. Windows Azure Platform
        4. Developing Windows Azure Applications
        5. SharePoint and Windows Azure
        6. Summary
        7. Recommended Reading
    4. Part II: Fundamental Sharepoint 2013 Development Building Blocks
      1. Chapter 6: Developing, Integrating, and Building Applications in Sharepoint 2013
        1. Development Models Available in SharePoint 2013
        2. Application Integration Options in SharePoint 2013
        3. Summary
        4. Recommended Reading
      2. Chapter 7: Packaging and Deploying Sharepoint 2013 Apps
        1. Anatomy of an App
        2. Packaging and Publishing an App
        3. Deploying an App
        4. Summary
        5. Recommended Reading
      3. Chapter 8: Distributing Sharepoint 2013 Apps
        1. Publishing Apps in the SharePoint Store
        2. Application Life Cycle
        3. Summary
        4. Recommended Reading
      4. Chapter 9: Overview of The Client-Side Object Model and Rest APIs
        1. Introducing Remote APIs in SharePoint 2013
        2. Client-Side Object Model (CSOM) Basics
        3. Managed Code (.NET)
        4. JavaScript
        5. Windows Phone
        6. REST and OData
        7. Client-Side Object Model API Coverage
        8. Summary
        9. Recommended Reading
      5. Chapter 10: Overview of Oauth in Sharepoint 2013
        1. Introduction to OAuth
        2. OAuth in SharePoint 2013
        3. Creating and Managing Application Identities
        4. Application Authentication
        5. Application Authorization
        6. On-Premises App Authentication with S2S
        7. Summary
        8. Recommended Reading
    5. Part III: Advanced Developer Topics in Sharepoint 2013
      1. Chapter 11: Developing Integrated Apps for Office and Sharepoint Solutions
        1. The New App Model for Office
        2. The Office JavaScript Object Model
        3. Integrating Apps for Office with SharePoint
        4. Summary
        5. Recommended Reading
      2. Chapter 12: Remote Event Receivers in Sharepoint 2013
        1. Introducing Remote Event Receivers
        2. App-level Life-cycle Remote Event Receivers
        3. Summary
        4. Recommended Reading
      3. Chapter 13: Building Line-of-Business Solutions Using Business Connectivity Services
        1. Business Connectivity Services in SharePoint 2013
        2. BCS in Apps for SharePoint
        3. Building a BCS-enabled Business Solution
        4. Summary
        5. Recommended Reading
      4. Chapter 14: Developing Applications Using Office Services
        1. WOPI and the New Office Web Apps Server
        2. What’s New in Excel Services
        3. Word Automation Services and the New PowerPoint Automation Services
        4. The New Machine Translation Services
        5. What’s New in Access Services
        6. Summary
        7. Recommended Reading
      5. Chapter 15: Developing Workflow Applications for Sharepoint 2013
        1. Introducing Workflow Manager
        2. The Big New Features for SharePoint Designer
        3. Visio Professional, SharePoint Designer, and Workflow
        4. Workflow and Visual Studio
        5. Workflow in Apps for SharePoint
        6. Summary
        7. Recommended Reading
    6. Appendix A: Answers To Exercises
    7. Introduction
    8. Advertisements